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F.A.V.E. Blog Circle – Light

Our blog circle this month explores light. I’m going to share some images taken on my trip to Grand Bend, Ontario last month. The sunsets over the lake were amazing, and I could have photographed them for the rest of my life I think. Here are a few different takes. After you look at these, please head over to Shutter  & Glass for Kellie Beiser’s amazing work.


Brennan - What gorgeous light!! I really love the last shot!

Erica H - I love these so much! The last shot is so cool!!

F.A.V.E – favorites

I was extremely lucky to take Elle Walker’s Fine Art and Visual Expression class over at CM last month. My classmates were hands down some of the most talented, inspiring, and encouraging people I’ve yet encountered in my photography career. Here are some of my favorites from the class.

Please follow our circle! Next up is the amazing Kellie Bieser of Shutter and Glass:

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The Beach

So blessed to be able to spend time at the coast with Uncle Frank and Aunt Jane. I know this is something my kids will always remember.